VisPEP 2024 is held under the honorary patronage of the Rector of the University of Warsaw.

HOYA Lens Poland is a platinum sponsor of the conference.

Media patronage


The Symposium is a collaborative project of scientists from European countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland, to make vision science more recognizable in our region. We welcome participants involved in various fields of vision science. The main aim of the Symposium is to promote cooperation and communication between eye care professionals and researchers from various fields of vision science:

CLINICAL STUDIES IN OPTOMETRY (clinical cases, diagnostics, and treatment);

VISUAL PHYSIOLOGY (accommodation, binocular and monocular eye movements, pupil physiology);

ENVIRONMENT (lighting, visual fatigue, technology of visual stimuli);

VISUAL PERCEPTION (visual attention, color perception, spatial vision).

Hosting institution: Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland.

We are collating a Special Issue of MDPI Vision, featuring the research presented at VisPEP 2024. This offers a wonderful opportunity for a full publication at no extra cost. 

MDPI Vision is an open-access journal that caters to a diverse range of topics within the field of vision science. We express gratitude to MDPI Vision for their valuable support and collaboration.

Contact: vispep2024@gmail.com

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